Various articles and my thoughts are posted here from time to time. Sometimes I will just post a link to something I find worth keeping a reference to.

Just wanted to reference a good article that, when I read it, I was able to recognize my own experience with a stock that I got burnt on, last year. In my case it was $DDAY, which is now delisted. It is not that I was not aware of the risks, but it was more of that moment when you think "This may be different than others...". Those that are different, they are probably so few that it does not make sense to risk your money on stocks like that. 

Twitter, Stocktwits and many investing and trading forums are full of these pump-and-dump schemes, and human psychology is what makes us vulnerable and easy prey. There were, in days when I was learning the difference between Market and Limit buy or sell orders, a couple of "newsletters" and "stock picking alert services", as there are many now, offering you free stock alerts. And they are worth the money you pay, even more.  Stay away from them, they will send you, if you are lucky, an alert where you will even make money, but then you will give it all back, and more than that. If you want, do what I did: paper trade their alerts and see for yourself, but do it for more than month or two.

There is a good site that I often go to to read about many paid services and their teasers, will write about my experience with some not mentioned there. There are a few that I liked, and they did work.

And many of us have had a stock like these, mentioned in the article.

Anyway, here is the article: