When I sell my position, I will move it here, be it with profit or with loss.

This was earnings play, spent some time looking at their past ERs, chart looked bullish, BB squeeze in highlited area and bullish move on BB expansion. Sometimes these are fake moves but that's why you have to look at fundamentals. These guys are buying left and right, will probably keep it for a few months unless stop loss order kicks in.

Bought 2017-03-10 for $71.xx

Update 2017-05-26: Sold for $92.65

Update 2017-03-31: Traling stop placed, hard stop cancelled.

2017 03 17 PBHTO

KRNT got on my hitlist in February after I run into a news article that they signed an agreement with Amazon. Daily chart at that time showed a nice up channel. I started waiting for a pullback to $14 zone, but daily bull flag started to form and when it looked like a breakout on Feb 10th, I got in. Breakout failed, then it started a pullback I had been waiting for.

Update 2017-05-09: Sold for 21% profit, earnings release today, better secure the profit because their last conference call mentioned increase in sales cost for Q1, which could impact EPS.

 2017 04 09 KRNT2

$XLRN is a reversal play, it hit long term resistance in 22-23 zone after being in a bullish falling wedge. This is to see if it's going to repeat Oct-Nov 2016 pattern. If so, I will get paid 50% on my investment, in less than 3 months. If not, I am already up enough to close the trade.

The way I am moving my stop loss: Following the dashed blue trendline, stop loss below it, until things change.

Update 2017-05-02: Sold for 28% profit.

Update1 2017-03-17: Looks like it's following my expectations so far, but recent minor high (intraday) was lower than the previous one, although the one on a closing basis is promising; stop loss is in place ($24.99) to get out for a small gain if the uptrend fails. At least I tried :). If it marches higher next week I might add little bit more.

 2017 03 11XLRN

VECO is signaling good entry point, just touched the lower rising trend line and bounced off of it. MACD signal line is about cross, momentum is about to go positive.

Data from finviz

EPS this Y 52.70%, EPS next Y 291.10%

Short Float 9.44%

Insider Own 1.00%, Insider Trans -0.58% Inst Own 94.60%

Update 2017-04-26: Sold for $33.80, nice 31% profit.

Update 2017-03-31: Hitting that wall around $30-$31, if it doesn't get through I am selling it while still profiting.

Update 2017-03-17: Just a little more push and switching from hard stop to trailing stop.

20170214 VECO

Bought 2017-02-12 for $26.45.

Bought $ABBV for $64.45, after selling my $CELG position for a small profit.

ABBV just crossed SMA 200 and indicators pointed out that it could stick. It broke upper short term downtrend resistance line (triangle) and it is, again, trying to break through long term resistance line in order to reach all time highs above $67-68 area. Will it do it - don't know, I have 2 possible paths marked on the chart, the third (not marked) being that it goes sideways. My stop loss is in place, if ABBV goes path 1 (RSI and MFI are in oversold zone but that can stay for a few days, I hope) then I will put trailing stop to capture whatever it gives me. If it takes path 2, there is a chance my stop loss (-3%) will save me from bigger losses.

 UPDATE: Sold for break even, stock is doing nothing, better use the money on something else.2017 03 11 ABBV

BURL has broken out of flag and just crossed MA 50. It has been in an uptrend for some time. It has good analysts ratings, average price target is around $96, which is 11% upside but if the market keeps going up, in a few months.

It is high on my buy list, in the top 10 as of this week. If I buy it, I will probably set partial stop (to sell 50%) at $83.95 with final stop somewhere between $80-$82, probably $81.99 for the remaining 50% if the stock turns back down. 

Update 2017-04-13: Stopped out (brake even), bad trade management, if you don't take money from the Market, it will take it from you.

Update 2017-03-02: Bought after good ER

2017 02 14 BURL

Past 18 months SBUX has spent in $50-$60 "box". With weekly Chaikin Osc making higher lows and daily chart oscillators turning up, my buy trigger was Mar 16 gap up on 50% above average volume. 

Plan: Stop loss and 1st target are shown on the chart, as of Mar 31 I moved my stop up to SAR, $55.83, making the trade profitable but the wedge (blue dashed lines) breakout makes me think it could start longer term run, out of the 18 month box.

Update 2017-04-25: Sold for $61.47, nice and relatively quick 13% gain, my feeling tells me earnings are too risky to hold it through.

Update 2017-04-10: Forming a nice bull flag, should resume the uptrend soon, once the breakout traders spot the flag :)

2017 04 02 SBUX

$AMRC was in a nice uptrend channel, in Jan 2017 it bounced off the lower channel trendline, that was when I put it on my list.

Then in Feb 2017 it came back down to retest the channel, that's when I decided to buy. Held it through earnings.

Update: 2017-03-31: My sell limit order hit at $6.30, for 28% profit, not bad.

20170215 AMRC