This is my very good play, so far. Bought 2017-01-05 for $11.59. Targeting $16 area. **Update 2017-02-13: Hard stop canceled, Traling stop order placed today, target hit, now let it do whatever it wants.

Update 2017-02-22: Sold

What made me buy it? It was close to its long term support zone, plus a few bullish divergences on oscillators, and oversold signals on some of them. MACD signal line crossed up, momentum was positive, so, all in all, this was pure technical play, charts and nothing else.

It may have some issues braking out through $15 zone, I would not be surprised if it drops a bit in the next few days, but I am going to hold it and relax my stop to see if it can cross above $15. If it does, I am going to put a trailing stop in instead of the hard stop.

Where is BZUN now: