Bought $ABBV for $64.45, after selling my $CELG position for a small profit.

ABBV just crossed SMA 200 and indicators pointed out that it could stick. It broke upper short term downtrend resistance line (triangle) and it is, again, trying to break through long term resistance line in order to reach all time highs above $67-68 area. Will it do it - don't know, I have 2 possible paths marked on the chart, the third (not marked) being that it goes sideways. My stop loss is in place, if ABBV goes path 1 (RSI and MFI are in oversold zone but that can stay for a few days, I hope) then I will put trailing stop to capture whatever it gives me. If it takes path 2, there is a chance my stop loss (-3%) will save me from bigger losses.

 UPDATE: Sold for break even, stock is doing nothing, better use the money on something else.2017 03 11 ABBV