$XLRN is a reversal play, it hit long term resistance in 22-23 zone after being in a bullish falling wedge. This is to see if it's going to repeat Oct-Nov 2016 pattern. If so, I will get paid 50% on my investment, in less than 3 months. If not, I am already up enough to close the trade.

The way I am moving my stop loss: Following the dashed blue trendline, stop loss below it, until things change.

Update 2017-05-02: Sold for 28% profit.

Update1 2017-03-17: Looks like it's following my expectations so far, but recent minor high (intraday) was lower than the previous one, although the one on a closing basis is promising; stop loss is in place ($24.99) to get out for a small gain if the uptrend fails. At least I tried :). If it marches higher next week I might add little bit more.

 2017 03 11XLRN

 Where is it today?

XLRN stock chart