Past 18 months SBUX has spent in $50-$60 "box". With weekly Chaikin Osc making higher lows and daily chart oscillators turning up, my buy trigger was Mar 16 gap up on 50% above average volume. 

Plan: Stop loss and 1st target are shown on the chart, as of Mar 31 I moved my stop up to SAR, $55.83, making the trade profitable but the wedge (blue dashed lines) breakout makes me think it could start longer term run, out of the 18 month box.

Update 2017-04-25: Sold for $61.47, nice and relatively quick 13% gain, my feeling tells me earnings are too risky to hold it through.

Update 2017-04-10: Forming a nice bull flag, should resume the uptrend soon, once the breakout traders spot the flag :)

2017 04 02 SBUX

Where is it now?

$SBUX stock chart