Bought Facebook when it crossed MA 200 upwards, thinking it would hit $130 in a couple of weeks. Did not put stop loss on it, had a mental stop at $110. It was going up-down around MA 200, even thought adding to the position when it crossed above MA200 Jan 09 this year, but earnings were coming in a few weeks and I try, in a situation like this, to wait and see.

Have no plans selling it yet. This is month 3 now since I bought it, and that was the plan anyway. Now, I may put trailing stop in place. I usually put trailing stop once my position is 3-5% in green.

Update 2017-03-10: Sold for 15% profit. This week's action in Facebook looks to me like selling into strength.


2017-03 10 After 4 months of holding it, stop loss got hit and I am out for now.

 2017 03 11 FB

Where is FB now: