I place my buy candidates in this section. Warning: I may not have time to regularly update the section, and information contained here may be outdated.

FNGN digested the "trumpomania move" and broke out, but pulled back to the start line, was this just a test? Coming days will tell, my plan and "expectations" are here:

2017 04 09 FNGN


EPM is sitting high in my hitlist, if the oil price and the overall market cooperate, this one could be a nice swing play. As of Apr 07, it is almost ready to brake the short term downtrend, if it does - I am in. Even better, I would love if it drops to the support line where I am buying on a bounce.

2017 04 09 EPM

Select Sands has been in a steady uptrend recently. Although I personally find it too steep, the rise could continue, a few indicators with a hidden bullish divergence are telling me that the trend could continue.

2017 03 18 SNS.V

IIVI is waking up; after breaking out through $32 zone in Jan-Feb, it has pulled back to it, looks like retest was a success because it bounced on Mar 17th, 4.6% on good volume. Volume like that and the wide candle are telling me that buyers are coming. If will probably be one of them on Monday, Mar 20, if my limit buy order gets filled (starter position). If it goes per my plan, once (if) it passes through $41, my hard stop goes in auto-pilot mode (trailing stop). In case I buy it Monday, and it fails to deliver, I will be out at $33.09 for a 7% loss.

 2017 03 18 IIVI

Beatuful chart, today received Buy rating, maybe a bit past best buy point *$29 was very sweet spot) for me but I could pull the trigger tomorrow, Tue, Feb 15. 

Earnings are coming next week, Feb 22nd. I don't like being in a stock close to earnings, unless I am 10-15% up from my entry point. Univar has Zack's #2 rating, not the best of the breed.

Technically speaking, it broke through Ichimoku cloud today (60 min chart), weekly and daily trands are long term up, there are several hidden bullish divergencies on a daily chart, looks good to me. I plan to hold it as an investment, not as a swing trade.

UPDATE 2017-Mar-04 Buying a breakout or wating for a pullback, whatever it does, I am ready.

UNVR stock chart

$FORM Holdings looks like it has pulled back to the lower trendline, offering nice RR entry point.