List of current, active positions.  Warning: I may not post the same moment I buy or sell. I may not have time to regularly update the section, and information contained here may be outdated.

Polaris is getting ready, geothermal play that has been forming cup-and-handle on the monthly chart, plus volatility squeeze on the weekly. 

Bought it 2017-05-05 for $15.20 as it broke out over the upper trendline.

20170511 PIFTO

Bought AYA for medium to longer term holding, two reasons to take it: 2017 guidance and the chart.

Bought it 2017-04-10 for $22.48.

20170511 AYATO


Linamar looking good here for 15-20% swing trade. Good earnings in March and dividend increase, although yield is nothing to write about. Auto sector, that doesn't give me great confidence these days, but the R:R ratio and the chart are good. Sitting on SMA 200, it moves up and I am in, although I marked $54.xx as my stop, I will probably use -$2.45 (2 ATR), whichever comes higher at the moment I buy. Let's see what happens.

Update 2017-04-20: Bought for $57.17

2017 04 18 LNRTO


UBNT was in a bearish rising wedge, with negative divergencies for months before it snapped and crushed after ER. Looks like a nice mid-term play. My plan is to raise the stop to my buy point as soon as (and if) UBNT continues slow climb. Target: gap fill area, $58 and up.

 2017 03 11 UBNT

$LVS pulled back to MA 200, formed a few bullish divergencies, looks like very good entry point here in $51-53 area. Expecting a couple of months to get to $60-$65 area (20% upside) if it continues move up. It also pays 5.5% dividend.

It missed on earning last ER, but it has been in an uptrend since last summer. If it is going to drop lower, probable bottom would be $47 area if the whole market goes into correction. But my stop will be higher.

Update 2016-04-27: Held through earnings, encouraged with a good ER by $WYNN, but don't like the market reaction, watching to get out, no trailing stop in place, just a mental one here.

 2017-03-10 Update: On Feb 24th it missed my stop ($51.34, just by 1 cent, huh) and went back up. Stop now (Mar 10) moved to my entry point.

 LVS chart

Hawaiian missed their latest Q4 forecast and got punished, too much I think. Weekly chart is telling this could be a dip buy.

Daily chart is showing signs of selling exhaustion, it just punched through MA100 and closed just above it on 2017-02-09. If it closes positive today, I am buying it, may do it even during the day.

I will watch it on 5 min chart for my entry. Stop loss order will probably be above $48, depending where I buy it.

$HA daily chart, bought 2017-02-10 for $51.65, partial stop (sell half) $46.29.

 Update 2017-03-18: Although they may get burnt, there are positive divergencies developing on some indicators I watch, which could mean that HA is ready to take off.



BB is getting squeezed, This one will move quickly if hystory repeats itself. Bought 2017-03-17 for $33.65 , plan is to use buy limit order to add to the position just above the box and set tight stop to sell 50% just below "the box".

They announced share repurchase program for this year, not bad Q2 results, looks like good swing candidate.

Update 2017-03-31: DV started to move out of the box, will look to add to the existing position.


2017 03 17 DV

ANW was bought in Jan 2017, for $10.70, expecting, based on indicators, to quickly get to my $13 target zone, for 30% upside. A bit of risky trade because my stop loss was -10%, something I don't usually do. Suffered some paper pain afterwards, will see how it will go.

Update 2 2017-03-17:  Big volume and nice candle, bears tried to pull it down but looks like buyers stepped in. Promising.

Update 1 2017-03-02: Added to my position, looks like after good earnings there is going to be nice run here.

2017 02 04 18 57 25 ANW.JPG

Erdene, a gold play in Mongolia, very tightly held, recent selloff in gold in Feb 2017 did not harm it at all. This is, I hope, going to become a gold mine one day.

2017 03 03 ERDTO

2017-Feb: They just closed $13.8M bought deal financing. 

2017-Jan: News Release Erdene drills 148.8 m of 2.11 g/t Au at Bayan Khundii 2 meters high grade @112.8 grams; Erdene Expands New Gold Zone Under Younger Cover at Bayan Khundii; Results Include 41 Metres of 5.2 g/t Gold and 72 Metres of 4.0 g/t Gold.

They are still drilling and raised more money to expand and define the resource. I can see this stock doubling or tipling by the end of 2017.

Update 2017-03-18: Erdene jumped a bit this week because they received just under 1M cash from TECK. Expecting this to fade out, unless gold starts rally again.

Extendicare Inc is a stock in long-term (monthly chart) uptrend, with appx. 5% dividend yield, and when I discovered it, I did not wait for any pullback or any other magical chart setup. This is plain simple RRSP type of stock, buy and forget. But I am going to put a trailing stop order in place once I am 5% up, will probably use the price point where I am 5% in green and set $0.4 as my trailing stop value i.e. my sell order will trigger once the stock keeps moving down 40 cents. EXE.TO is relatively liquid stock, with 300,000 shares exchanged daily.

          EXE.TO Extendicare Inc

Marathon Gold was a nice play back in Jan 2016, when I made 100% on it, then it pulled back and I bought it again, first for $0.3 and and recently added to my position below $1, making my average cost aroung $0.7. My target on this one is $1.50, will see how it plays out.

2017 03 03 MOZTO


Update 2017-03-18: Another player starting its drilling program nearby, SIC.V, but this would be very risky buy, binary event. I opened a tiny position so that, if they hit gold, I am not too much behind.

I was late to get in TECK when if was in $22-$24 Sep 2016, decided to wait and see, grinding my teeth that I did not buy back then.

And then TECK offered nice entry point this year, it pulled back to my yellow box, and I waited for it to pop out of the box. As soon as it popped, I got in. Teck is a copper and coal play.

         TECK - my entry point, copper and coal play, mid-to long term investment