$LVS pulled back to MA 200, formed a few bullish divergencies, looks like very good entry point here in $51-53 area. Expecting a couple of months to get to $60-$65 area (20% upside) if it continues move up. It also pays 5.5% dividend.

It missed on earning last ER, but it has been in an uptrend since last summer. If it is going to drop lower, probable bottom would be $47 area if the whole market goes into correction. But my stop will be higher.

Update 2016-04-27: Held through earnings, encouraged with a good ER by $WYNN, but don't like the market reaction, watching to get out, no trailing stop in place, just a mental one here.

 2017-03-10 Update: On Feb 24th it missed my stop ($51.34, just by 1 cent, huh) and went back up. Stop now (Mar 10) moved to my entry point.

 LVS chart

Where is LVS now:

LVS latest stock quote