I have had Ivanho in my investing account for a few years, was deep in red with it for a long time, but knowing the man behind it and his story with Oyo Tolgoi, I accepted suffering big paper pain. Then, in 2016, IVN started its current journey and, unlike what one would do after keeping losing position for a long time (sell it as soon as it turns positive and run away), I kept buying and adding to my positions.

2017 02 12 IVNTO

Where is Ivanho going to end up - I don't know, all we can do, as investors, is - set our expectations and watch. The thing with Ivanho is that it is not a pure copper play, they have also a big platinum group metals resource, they are well funded, have Chinese backing, and now that commodities are coming back, my expectations are high. I don't want to say my price target now, although I have it and it is way above the current price. There are a few good articles on Seeking Alpha, interesting reads.

Where is IVN.TO now:

IVN.TO latest price chart